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The Indian media followed closely by the foreign media is replete with stories of a poor, dirty, unsafe and corrupt India? It’s almost as if there’s nothing nice about India at all. The nation’s cities seems to be spilling over with garbage, streets peppered with molesters and rapists, politicians a hugely corrupt lot, the police force poorly equipped to tackle crime, tourist spots hazardous to foreigners and the nation is in dire straits. The Indian media, the new-age ‘citizen reporter’ and social media activists continue publish one-sided stories while the State has little by way of right to defend itself. Any attempt to do so is construed as a violation of personal freedom. There is a fashionable tendency to generalise and portray India in poor light among self-styled liberals and ‘secular’ enthusiasts. ‘India Positive’ aims to bring stories of hope, success and pride in India that are constantly overlooked. DraftCraft does not, repeat does not, maintain that all’s hunky dory about the Indian state but firmly assert that not everything is that dismal either.

'India Positive' is a campaign initiated under DraftCraft's 'Being The Change' movement to document and showcase stories of glory, hope, miracle, bravery, leaders, trendsetters, success and truth about India and her lot. These are the stories routinely ignored by a populist media and systematically fail to reach masses. The stories threaten to crush myths about India, its society and the people. An ordinary man scorn by officials turning things around and creating a system to boost accountability to benefit masses; a child from an impoverished background with a distinct disability making it big in the city; A brutally handicapped man running a marathon with able-bodied participants stopping to cheer him and prod him on; A child blinded by a disaster going on to clear a public examination without a writer or extra time and score on par with his ‘normally-sighted’ counterparts and more. The stories inspire and should be told.

We feel it is important to create this platform for people to read, be inspired and feel a sense of pride as a nation. Most of the news about India, making rounds within the country and outside, spreads mostly morbid stories almost making one believe that nothing good ever happens here. India Positive is a platform to break this myth. Come…join!

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